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Cell and Molecular Biology Techniques

We offers 15-30 DAYS training program in most modern instruments and techniques of LIFE SCIENCE RESEARCH for Freshers and Research Scholars.

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Academic Project Support 2016

Applications are invited for academic projects starting from Dec 2016 for students of MTech/MSc/BTech...

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BRMAS Academics


BRMAS right from its establishment has given pivotal significance and consideration for young researcher’s right from graduation and has generated a unique lineament of research attitude. The concept of interdisciplinary research works in the most modern areas of life science research comprising newer techniques and instruments is quite unique feature of BRMAS. At BRMAS, students can do independent research work in novel topics under our guidance which gives them distinct and unique career opportunities.
Eligibility : MPhil/ MTech/MSc can apply for projects starting from 3 months to 12 months duration.
BSc/Btech students can apply for projects from two weeks to 2 months duration.

Thrust areas of research projects

Cell and Molecular Biology

  1. Cancer and Regulatory Pathways
  2. Cardiac Injury and Phytochemicals
  3. Hepato Protection
  4. Cell Signalling
  5. Apoptosis
Biochemistry Research
  1. Free radicals and anti oxidants
  2. Drug drug interactions
  3. Enzymology and fermentation technology
  4. Inflammation and anti inflammatory agents
  5. Oxidative stress and pharmacology
  6. Plant biochemistry
Microbiology Research
  1. Recombinant DNA technology
  2. Food microbiology
  3. Biofilms and industrial microbiology
  4. Clinical microbiology
  5. Agricultural microbiology
Biomaterials Research
  1. Hydrogels and scaffolds for regenerative therapy
  2. Biopolymers
  3. Nanomaterials and drug delivery
  4. Nanomaterials and drug delivery