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Cell and Molecular Biology Techniques

We offers 15-30 DAYS training program in most modern instruments and techniques of LIFE SCIENCE RESEARCH for Freshers and Research Scholars.

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Academic Project Support 2016

Applications are invited for academic projects starting from Dec 2016 for students of MTech/MSc/BTech...

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BRMAS Academics

Faculty Training Program

Faculty Training is aimed to give the participants hands on training in modern biotechnology techniques and theory behind them. The skills gained through this course will help them effectively fulfill their role as a researcher/teacher.

Training Techniques
Chemical Armamentarium Animal cell culture and In vitro analysis - a Research approach Immuno Cyto chemistry
Microbial Culturing and Identification Cell Culture - Media preparation Immuno Histo chemistry
Isolation of plasmid DNA Sterility Testing Comet Assay
Plasmid cloning and Transformation Trypsinization and Sub culturing Real Time PCR Theory and applications Quantitative expression analysis
Genomic DNA Isolation Cryo preservation of cells Multiplex PCR
Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Phase contrast Microscopy – applications and significance R HPLC
SDS PAGE Analysis and Documentation Viability determination – MTT, SRB, NRU assays ELISA- analysis of intracellular enzymes and markers
PCR - basics and Application Fluorescent microscopy- applications and significance Western blotting
Multiplex PCR Apoptosis determination using fluorescent dyes cDNA synthesis and Reverse Transcriptase PCR
Apoptosis determination using Flow cytometry FACS Analysis Flow Cytometry;